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Image of Ixion Yo-Yo - Fade - Emerald City (Polished Rims)

Ixion Yo-Yo - Fade - Emerald City (Polished Rims)


The Ixion is the 6th release from us here at GWAY Throws. We started this design back in 2021 and have put it through multiple revisions to make sure it's the powerhouse we know you deserve.

Blending power, string feel, performance and comfort was the mission for this throw and we are confident you will agree that we achieved these goals once you try the Ixion.

In the Box:

1 – Ixion Yo-Yo
1 – String

Material:7075 AL Body – SS Rims
Gap width:4.5mm
Pads: 19MM Standard
Bearing:Center track
Weight:67 Grams


Over the centuries many people have sought out the mysterious Djinn rumored to grant wishes. Power, wealth, fame; If you could wish for anything, what would it be? The temptation to see all your fantasies come true can make people do unspeakable things.

For all but a rare few, the dreams quickly fade into something else entirely as the journey often meets a dead end. We have taken the risk so you don’t have to; our visions have become a reality and the IXION is ready to join your collection.

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