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Image of Esper - Yo-Yo - Solid - Black - "Whoops Sprinkles"

Esper - Yo-Yo - Solid - Black - "Whoops Sprinkles"

$60.00 - On sale

The Esper is the 8th release from us here at GWAY Throws. This 6061 D bearing is designed with power and maneuverability in mind. The slightly undersized diameter can be deceptive on first look but once its in your hands you will see why this has been a go-to for the team throughout the nearly year-long development cycle.

This Yo-Yo is lovingly crafted by Sean Collins and incorporates much of what constitutes his dream undersized throw. The Esper has seen many evolutions and the idea pre-dates Sean's his time with the GWAY Throws family and is his signature model.

Please note, there are accidental silver dots visible on some parts of the Yo-Yo, but not in the cool way we envisioned. This doesn't impact play, but does for aesthetics.

Material:6061 AL Body
Gap width:4.5mm
Pads: FD Standard
Bearing:U Shaped
Weight:64.9 Grams

In the Box:

1 – Esper Yo-Yo
1 – String

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